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Скачать с ютуб From 499 To 511 In 4 Weeks On MCAT Retake!

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Samantha began MCAT studying almost 8 months before her test date, with full dedication really in the last 2-3 months, but by her test date, she wasn’t feeling ready. She even pushed the MCAT back 2 weeks, but still ended up scoring a 499 on her first attempt.

She was far into applications and knew she had to do better to get accepted, so she decided to shoot for another test date just four weeks later! Which was also the last test date of the year. In those 4 weeks, she ended up increasing her score by 12 points to a 511!

Her story exemplifies the importance of not giving up on yourself and shows that even if you have a short amount of time left, you can definitely still improve. The way to do so is exactly what Samantha will tell us more about in this interview!

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[0:00] Intro
[04:12] Samantha's initial score goal versus her actual score on her first take
[06:50] What's changed in her study schedule and strategy the second time around
[10:29] Materials and resources she found to be most effective
[11:49] How her participation in sports helped her overcome the biggest challenges and struggles of the MCAT
[17:05] Methods and strategies that helped improve her score
[19:05] Tips in studying for each section:
[19:15] P/S
[20:49] CARS
[23:00] B/B
[23:47] C/P
[25:35] How she managed to feel nonchalant about the exam the second time
[32:07] Final message for other students who are struggling with the MCAT